Apartment at via delle Magnolie n.7/6
in Grumolo delle Abbadesse (Veneto, Italy)




The apartment is located in a residential and office complex, recovered thanks to a global restructuring of the building dating back to the sixteenth century called “Barchessa delle Abbadesse”, completely renovated in the years 1992/1997. It has an articulated configuration, composed of a main body with a large portico, spread over three floors above ground, overlapped and connected by four internal and independent staircases, and an accessory three – floors structure, where the ground floor garages are also located.

The apartment is located on the second/last floor of the complex, overlooking the portico through the common stairwell (which serves a total of 6 units): it features an entrance/living room and kitchenette, a bathroom/laundry, a hallway leading to the sleeping area consisting of two double bedrooms, a closet, a bathroom and a small terrace; the living room is very spacious and it can be split to get an extra bedroom. It is possible to access the exclusive garage on the ground floor from the common court entrance in via Roma. The pedestrian access to the courtyard passes through via delle Magnolie. The building as a whole is well maintained both externally and internally and it is fenced via metal railing on plastered walls and paved with cobblestones and cemented concrete. Everything is in a good state of maintenance.

The apartment measures about sm 107 residential, sm 12 accessories and sm 17 for the garage.